Countdown to Surgery

Twenty-four hours from now (Thursday, May 21st. at 6:30 am), I’ll be registered at the Victoria General Hospital. By 7:30 I’ll be on the table with the surgical team getting organized to start an Esophagectomy at 8:10 am. The world as I know it will never be the same but I am hours away from ….  Read More

Treatment Update May 12th

I’ve been quiet for a while. Until today I didn’t have any news to share. As well, like many Bluenosers (a term for people who live in Nova Scotia), amid the chaos of a health system re-tooling for a pandemic, our safe little corner of the planet was shaken to the core with a mass ….  Read More

Increased Activity

On Wednesday, I was feeling so good I decided to attempt a run to the end of my street and home. That’s a distance of about 2.1 km (1.3 miles). This is the first time I’ve done anything since starting radiation and chemotherapy ten weeks ago. Coach Brad and a number or friends are remarkable ….  Read More

End of Treatment Week 9

I continue to heal and recharge with another week of rest behind me. Here’s a quick summary: Today my weight is 79 kg (174 lbs). I’ve been at that weight consistently for a couple of days. I can swallow almost everything with little difficulty. I still keep water handy when I eat just in case ….  Read More

End of Treatment Week 8

It is hard to believe that I’ve come to the end of eight weeks since my first day of chemotherapy and radiation. Unlike recent weeks, I improve daily. It wasn’t long ago getting my weight down to 76 kg (168 lbs) was a unattainable dream. Today that dream is a reality but more of a ….  Read More

Companion of The Order of the Cove

My name is David Stuewe and I write on behalf of the Segelberg Trust, Big Cove Advisory Committee and The Friends of Big Cove. Big Cove YMCA Camp or Big Cove, is a residential camp for children aged 6–16 located in Thorburn, Nova Scotia. The camp is the oldest residential camp in Canada, founded by ….  Read More

Introducing Mike George

This is my long-time friend Mike George. He is one of my heros; an unassuming man of remarkable courage, strength, determination, and conviction. I will say more later in the post but for now, I encourage you to spend 15 minutes of your life playing his clip titled How To Manage the Chaos. In his ….  Read More

End of Treatment Week 7

Thankfully at the end of week 7, I am feeling a whole lot better than I was at the start of the week. I was warned to be expect two difficult weeks after the conclusion of treatment but I was not ready to be so miserable. During these two challenging weeks, I have dropped 7 ….  Read More

Monday in DG Emergency

Started the week with a spike in my temperature. All cancer patients are issued a yellow card to present at any ER in Nova Scotia. It moves you to the front of the line. Any increase in temperature is a sign of infection and given a compromised immune system can quickly escalate if not dealt ….  Read More

End of Treatment Week 6

There is no way to sugarcoat Week 6. It is the first time since this started that I have felt miserable. The good news is the worst appears to be behind me. I was warned to expect more side effects but given how well I’ve been throughout treatment, I was not ready for where I ….  Read More