My New Normal – For Now

There will be more details in tomorrow’s summary of Week 6. In brief, it was the most miserable week since the start of my treatment. But I am improving so like every black cloud, there is a silver lining. My weight is at 77.5 kg (171 lbs) taken today at 6:00 pm. I struggle to ….  Read More

Countdown to Baptism

It’s a tradition in the Catholic Church during the weeks leading up to Easter that all those who are going to be baptized, confirmed and/or receive the Eucharist at Easter receive a copy of the Creed and the our Father. These symbolize the key prayers of our faith; what we believe, and what Jesus taught ….  Read More

End of Cancer Treatment

Today, Monday, March 16, 2020 I completed my cancer treatment. That includes: Twenty-five radiation treatments Five chemotherapy sessions I am now in a rest and recovery period of four to six weeks. During this time, I will have: Another PET Scan to ensure my cancer is still localized to the distal end of my esophagus. ….  Read More

End of Treatment Week 5

In earlier postings I indicated I may have and additional week added to my treatment plan. On Friday afternoon, the chemotherapy clinic informed me that my team has determined there is no need for an additional session so I’m all done with chemo. I do have one radiation session on Monday to make up for ….  Read More

Introducing Danny Lockhart

Meet Danny Lockhart, my cycling cohort from Mauk, Georgia, USA. Danny will be taking my place in the Race Around the Netherlands (RATN2020) in May. He will be wearing a Canadian Maple Leaf alongside his own Stars and Stripes. Danny was on track to compete in the 2020 Race Across America (RAAM) in June which ….  Read More

Fifth Date with Ivi

As a quick reminder, my treatment was set up to be radiation five days a week and chemotherapy one day a week. Saturday and Sundays are off to allow me to rest and recover. This was initially set to be a five week plan and I’m in week five right now. There are two modifications ….  Read More

Equal Airtime for Good News

These days so much of the news is negative. It simply crowds out all the good that swirls around us. So indulge me as I share the kind of good news we need to hear about more often. It is no secret that my cancer diagnosis in December shoved me onto an emotional roller coaster ….  Read More

End of Treatment Week 4

It is hard to believe that I now have four weeks of radiation treatments and chemotherapy in the rearview mirror. Officially there is just one week to go. That translates to six more radiation treatments and one or two chemotherapy sessions. And then I rest for four to six weeks to prepare for surgery. I ….  Read More

Hitting Rock Bottom

This blog post is completely off topic. As I suspect you already know, I believe that God put me on a bicycle about three years ago to become strong and fit. This along with changing my eating habits and adopting a plant based diet resulted in the loss of a third of my body weight. ….  Read More

Happy Birthday Mom

To the right is a picture of my Mom, Edna Louise (Ritcey) O’Hara. On Saturday, February 29th, if still alive, she would have turned 100 years old (or 25 if you only count years in which she actually had a birthday). My older sister Mona, younger brother Mike and I decided to have a birthday ….  Read More