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End of Treatment Week 8

It is hard to believe that I’ve come to the end of eight weeks since my first day of chemotherapy and radiation. Unlike recent weeks, I improve daily. It wasn’t long ago getting my weight down to 76 kg (168 lbs) was a unattainable dream. Today that dream is a reality but more of a ….  Read More

End of Treatment Week 7

Thankfully at the end of week 7, I am feeling a whole lot better than I was at the start of the week. I was warned to be expect two difficult weeks after the conclusion of treatment but I was not ready to be so miserable. During these two challenging weeks, I have dropped 7 ….  Read More

End of Treatment Week 6

There is no way to sugarcoat Week 6. It is the first time since this started that I have felt miserable. The good news is the worst appears to be behind me. I was warned to expect more side effects but given how well I’ve been throughout treatment, I was not ready for where I ….  Read More

End of Treatment Week 5

In earlier postings I indicated I may have and additional week added to my treatment plan. On Friday afternoon, the chemotherapy clinic informed me that my team has determined there is no need for an additional session so I’m all done with chemo. I do have one radiation session on Monday to make up for ….  Read More

End of Treatment Week 4

It is hard to believe that I now have four weeks of radiation treatments and chemotherapy in the rearview mirror. Officially there is just one week to go. That translates to six more radiation treatments and one or two chemotherapy sessions. And then I rest for four to six weeks to prepare for surgery. I ….  Read More

End of Treatment Week 3

I started week 3 in high spirits and feeling good. I ended the week in pretty much the same place. The most noticeable change is that I can swallow better. That means the tumor is smaller and it will be easier to eat and maintain my weight. You can see me hanging out with my ….  Read More

End of Treatment Week 2

With the holiday at the start of the week, I had an extra day of rest and recovery. Janet asked all the children to come over for supper and play a board game on Monday. Everyone came except Meredith who had a mild flu and thought it in my best interests to keep her illness ….  Read More

End of Treatment Week 1

Hello my friends. I now have one week of treatment in my rear view mirror. Here’s what it looked like: Monday – I introduced you to my new friend Ivi who infused me with iron and chemo drugs. Then I headed to a radiation treatment. I started at 9:00 am and was done around 4:30. ….  Read More