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Quick Note: I have heard from a number of people who are worried because I haven’t posted for a while. My bad. I have three articles in the works and with the activities around the holidays, I enjoyed being lazy. All is good! 😍 Haven’t heard the term Spoonie before? It was a first for ….  Read More

Update – After Two Weeks Home

Each day is a little better than the day before. My weight is stable at 79.4 kg (175 lbs). I’m happy with that as its a struggle finding things to eat that don’t give me nausea. My daily eating pattern going forward is five to six small meals. The portions on the children’s menu is ….  Read More

Update – Catchup

Correction: In my original post, I wrote I was released on Wednesday, June 10th. That was a mistake and evidence on how this experience was such a blur. Hello my friends. Finally I have enough energy to write so it’s time to share my progress. I’m still digesting my 21 days in the hospital and ….  Read More

A few hard days …

The good news is, as of today (Wednesday), Dad is back in a normal room and is feeling better than the last few days. The bad news is, the weekend threw more than a few hurdles our way. Friday’s barium swallow did show a leak at the joins where a section of his small intestine ….  Read More

It Is A Good Thursday, May 29th

I have good progress to share. All I’m getting from Ivy now is nutritional fluids and blood thinners. Based on the most recent blood work, they have the right mix in my blood thinner; the goal is dissolve the blood clots but if my blood gets too thin and I cut myself, I might bleed ….  Read More