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A Health Setback – Sort Of

Factoid – The brain is responsible for 20% of the body’s energy consumption daily. I just learned this recently and in hindsight, it makes sense given it is always functioning, even when we sleep. Let me introduce you to our Funky Fun Loving Friends who gathered at an Airbnb in Queensland and tell you about ….  Read More

My Poop Sinks

Never in my wildest dreams did I ever think I’d stitch together the words “My Poop Sinks” in a sentence, but there you have it right in front of you in print. There is an explanation coming but first let me seed your thoughts with a birthday wish. My Birthday Wish In a few short ….  Read More

Meaningful Moments to Savour

It is Saturday, August 14th 2021, and I’m relaxing at an AirBnB located on Corkums Island just outside the town of Lunenburg, Nova Scotia. It is a grey morning with a heavy fog but charming none-the-less. It was just like this yesterday but by mid-afternoon, the sun was shinning and reflecting off the water with ….  Read More