Category: Got Your Back

Reach Out While You Still Can

I reconnected with one of Drew’s (my youngest son) cohort from Ryerson through a video chat on Monday. Let’s call him Bud. Those are moments of joy for me. It is no secret that I value having friendships with young people. This has been a theme throughout my life and I plan to continue to ….  Read More

Remarkable & Humbling #RDBR2020

In 2018 I did my first unsupported bike race. There were 20 riders registered, 16 started, and 8 finished. I was the last to cross the finish line after 13 days, 10 hours and 8 minutes. I think the picture to the right might be my best snapshot ever. It clearly captures how I felt ….  Read More

Work in Progress

Below, on the left is a picture taken about three years ago and on the right, a picture taken a few minutes ago. I think it is pretty obvious that there is a positive and dramatic change in my appearance. Today, I like the way I look and feel but what I think is more ….  Read More

Overwhelming Support

Since sharing my upcoming cancer battle, I have been overwhelmed with messages of good will and encouragement. The sign Alexis is holding in the picture reads “We support Phil.” When I saw this posted in Instgram and Facebook, I teared up. This is so special. As well, as a show of support, Alexis shaved his ….  Read More