Category: Can’t Show Too Much Love

Reach Out While You Still Can

I reconnected with one of Drew’s (my youngest son) cohort from Ryerson through a video chat on Monday. Let’s call him Bud. Those are moments of joy for me. It is no secret that I value having friendships with young people. This has been a theme throughout my life and I plan to continue to ….  Read More

Choose To Be Grateful

I am grateful to have you at my side as a support pillar. Knowing that you are cheering for me and praying that my aggressive chemotherapy will add years to my life, is a source of great comfort. I aspire to live each day as a celebration of the precious time we have on this ….  Read More

Hello Bill

“Many people feel that the dimes are a sign of communication from someone that has passed on, letting them know they are not alone. Some other interpretations of finding dimes are: – Someone or something is trying to get your attention. – Guidance or validation that you’re on the right path.” I found the passage ….  Read More