July 30, 2021

Not long ago I learned that I have become chemo resistant. That means that my body is ignoring the presence of the drugs so they are having no effect. I have exhausted my treatment options.

The chemo is starting to dissipate from my body tissues so I feel pretty healthy. There is no way to know how long it will be before the cancer overwhelms my organs and they start to fail. I know that is in my future and I continue to live large. I refuse to let cancer define what I do with the remaining days I have on this blue dot called planet Earth.

Do not be sad. I’ve got this.

I thank God for holding my hand throughout my treatment. He provided me the courage to stay upbeat and enthusiastic to keep putting checks next to all the items on my bucket list.

For my wife, family, and host of friends, having you rooting for me as support pillars continues to be a source of daily motivation. You have made a wonderful difference.

Peace, Love, and Laughter

PS – I’m not done yet but I am playing out the scenes in the final act of my life. I plan to play each scene with joy in my soul and love in my heart. I count on you riding this final roller coaster with the same intent.

September 1, 2020

Today I met Dr. Wojciech Morzycki, a Chemotherapy Oncologist with the Cancer Clinic. I shared my wish to pursue the most aggressive chemotherapy treatment available. My cancer metastasized in my liver. There is no cure but if successful chemo will extend my life for an indefinite time. This is not the outcome I hoped for but we don’t always get to choose the roads we travel. We do however get to choose to be the best version of ourselves and that’s what I plan to do going forward.

Vocatus atque non vocatus, Deus aderit – Carl Jung

In English: Invoked or not invoked, God is present.

December 18, 2019

Today I discovered my life in 2020 will head in an unexpected direction. It starts with 5 weeks of chemotherapy and radiation treatments followed by surgery to remove the bottom section of my esophagus and top third of my stomach. I have Esophageal cancer. The insert image to the right is the location of my tumors.

Other than some problems swallowing, I am a healthy, physically fit 66-year-old, 84 kg (185 lb), Canadian male. I cycle, run, work out and since June 2017, I reduced my body weight by a third from almost 127 kg (280 lbs) to 84 kg (185 lbs) and my waist from 111 cm (44 inches) to 87 cm (35 inches). In addition to increased exercise, I have transitioned to a plant-based diet, smaller portions, and avoid consumption of processed food as much as possible.

I find it remarkable that I feel this good with such a dark health challenge on the horizon. I plan to face what comes with dignity, courage, humour, grace and faith in God.