Be Doing Wheelies Soon

Last night I had a wonderful meal out with Gord Dickie and Graham Eisenhauer. These short outings are such a source of joy and lead me to moments of euphoria. If you follow my blogs, you already know I’m going out of my way to have more of the magic moments like this and whether you are sick or not, I encourage you to follow my lead.

You also likely know I’ve just started steroids to help me recover from a rowdy Staycation late in January. The good news is my appetite is back, I’m sleeping well and waking up refreshed, with Janet’s help I’m getting in and out of the shower with ease, I’ve installed a boaster on the toilet to help me get up, today I’m starting to feel a little more strength in my legs, but it will take a while to restore my bigger energy reserves. I was winded last night just walking from the car to the table in the restaurant and it was worse when I got home and had to push a walker up the ramp at our apartment. It required two rest stops to get my wind back and more recovery in the apartment than I care to admit to.

So it’s time to yield one more concession to this miserable disease. I refuse to let it dictate how I will live in spirit but it is prudent to get myself into a wheelchair so I can enjoy more short outings.

Who knows, you might be one of my pushers soon.

Lots of Love, Phil

7 Replies to “Be Doing Wheelies Soon”

  1. Phil, your indomitable and wonderful attitude has truly made you who you are. Lesser men would have given up. This is what has carried you throughout this time. You are my personal inspiration my friend. We have followed all of your blog pieces and have had many discussions and the common denominator is “the will”. Nobody can ever come close to “the will” you have displayed. We are so proud to have you as our friend. Till your next entry Phil.

  2. Good decision Phil. Save your energy for the more important things. Be sure to give the right directions to your drivers. Not everyone is a natural at that. 😋

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