A Health Setback – Sort Of

Factoid – The brain is responsible for 20% of the body’s energy consumption daily. I just learned this recently and in hindsight, it makes sense given it is always functioning, even when we sleep.

Let me introduce you to our Funky Fun Loving Friends who gathered at an Airbnb in Queensland and tell you about last weekend (Thursday, January 20, 2022 – Monday, January 24th, 2022). After the story of our adventure, I’ll update you on my health setback this week; both self-induced and beyond my control.

Laurie, Kevin, Rob, Phil, Janet. Christine, Tam, Dan

The Funky Fun Loving Friends Crew started as boat owners who enjoy each others company, could fit in with any university crowd consuming adult refreshments, enjoy investing time in the production of meals best described as feasts, like to laugh a lot but not at the expense of each other, and are comfortable in deep thought conversations. In the picture above we are just sitting down to a Turkey Feast at an Airbnb in Queensland. We are all relatively new friends but are a good fit with each other and there are a few other couples who wished to be with us last weekend but had an issue of one type or another with COVID restrictions.

Janet and I headed down Thursday with a car loaded with food and had a nice relaxing evening as a couple. The five-bedroom Airbnb has the master on the main floor and the others on the second floor. This was perfect for me as stairs have become a major physical challenge. Christine and Rob arrived around noon on Friday and after Rob wrapped up some work continued to fill the pantry with delectable food for munching and the Sunday feast. Once he unloaded his adult refreshments, I think the count of bottles lined up on the kitchen island was well into the double digits. Tam and Dan arrived around 6:00 and Laurie and Kevin rolled up the driveway a few minutes later.

Janet and I brought several comfort options as supper dishes we made in advance and simply needed to be heated. It included my first Chili which I thought was pretty plain but with some meatballs became the hit of dinner. After dinner, we took time to get to know Laurie and Kevin who Janet and I hadn’t met before but were well known by the others. And with the formalities out of the way, the adult refreshments started to flow. There were a few board games played and Janet headed to bed around 11:00 pm. I don’t know where the time went but I was closer to 3:00 am. That would be the longest day I’ve been up for years having got out of bed around 6:00 am and here it’s 3:00 am.

I got up about 8:00 am and Christine and Rob were already on deck. A quick coffee with a shot of J.D.Shore was a good start to the day and before long everyone was up. Laurie makes the best bacon I’ve had for a long time which was perfect with the scrambled eggs and plenty of other choices on the table. We were all well fed. The open-concept kitchen in the Airbnb was perfect to allow everyone to contribute to making a meal as they saw fit. And this is part of the Funky Fun-Loving Friends Crew mantra; we all pitch in when we can.

After a short relaxing break, a shower, and a shave for me, we headed out for a short road trip to the other side of Chester. I wished to show them a home a friend just built and a potential candidate for our next sleepover adventure.

Once we got back to the Airbnb, Dan helped me get our Turkey out of the brine pot and into the oven. This is the third time I’ve brined but wow does it make a difference in the richness of the taste. In addition to Turkey, there were potatoes in the roaster and it all rested on a bed of onions and celery. I never do Stuffing in a Turkey but like to put an apple or two inside. They are a nice treat to add to a plate. I make Stuffing on the stove and I put this together at home before we headed down. All the other folks looked after making sides. And they were all remarkable.

It was an excellent feast and everyone was highly satisfied. There were lots of cleanups to take care of but many hands made light work. As a post-meal treat, some of us decided to do an under-the-tongue marijuana oil. This was a first for me so I started with a small dose. There are many cancer patients who find it helps them sleep better and manage pain. I don’t have much pain but I was curious to see if I might sleep better.

The crew settled into board games at the table and I moved to my comfy chair in the living room. It was around 9:00 pm. Although I picked up a novel I’m reading I fell asleep as I cracked the first page and drifted in and out until Janet came and woke me up to help me head to bed. I stumbled into the bedroom and I’m not quite sure what happened but my legs muscles went to mush and I fell. This is my first fall and given how lean I am I was worried I broke something but although I was bruised, I dodged the bullet on having a break. My legs were still mush so Janet and I struggled to get off the floor and into bed.

The marijuana clearly kicked in. As I was lying in bed I felt I was floating in the air looking down at myself and I had taken on the appearance of a railway tie. I did have an overwhelming sense of well-being so I did enjoy the experience with the exception of the fall.

I did sleep through the night well but when I woke up I was in a state of exhaustion. To my disappointment, I felt that it was going to be a bad day but I had the joy of listening to all the other folks have a blast with board games, cooking, and having a refreshment or three. Everyone checked in with me throughout the day. The guys made an afternoon feast which Rob referred to as a Columbian Dish. It looked remarkable but my appetite was non-existent.

Around dinner time, the other couples got the food, etc. packed up and loaded into vehicles. There were all heading home to resume normal lives. Janet and I planned to stay until Monday morning. When I woke up Monday morning I was still exhausted and knew I was heading to bed once we got home. The drive home was tiring but okay and I did head to bed. I was in bed until mid-day Monday and got up just to move to my recliner in the living room. I had no appetite and Janet and I started to get concerned. On Wednesday morning I called Cindy Bell with the Palliative Care Team.

Dr. Grant decided it was time for me to start a Steroid to improve my appetite, strength, and energy. I need to do that first thing in the morning as later in the day would likely keep me awake at night. So I started that today (Thursday, January 27th.). Here’s hoping it has an effect quickly.

There is good news. My appetite is back so I can eat comfortably again; strength and energy not so much.

Our Funky Fun Loving Friends crew had a terrific time which filled me with joy but I will have to take better care in the future. Going too late is a self-induced way to have a miserable couple of days. I really know better but we were having such a good time and I was living large.

As always I send my love for you joining me as support pillars on this continuing adventure. There are many interesting times to come.

Peace, Love, and Laughter

10 Replies to “A Health Setback – Sort Of”

  1. Thanks again for bringing us all together! The weekend was fun, but next time we will go a bit easier on you. πŸ™‚ I look forward to the next adventure.

  2. Forget the C word as I would suggest (now that Im in my 60’s) that the 6AM – 3AM with refreshments would cause a relatively major setback in any of our lives! “Living large” (especially with bottles involved) is generally much easier in the moment than it is the following day!!!

    That said, keep it up and keep smiling!


  3. Phil, you constantly amaze me. I’m happy to see you enjoying your life to the fullest. Your love of life is inspiring to me and I wish you continued love, prayers and living life LARGE. God bless you and your family.

  4. Thanks for another update Phil ❀ try not to be too hard on yourself for overdoing it from time to time – as someone with a chronic illness I know it’s hard not to beat yourself up! But you’re always doing your best ❀❀

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