CAT Scan Results

Hello, my friends.

Dr. Wojciech Morzycki called me this morning around 10:30 am with the results from the CAT Scan I had last Friday.

The good news is that my cancer continues as limited to my liver and a few lymph nodes. It has not spread to any other organs in my chest or abdomen.

The bad news is that all the tumors in my liver are larger so the chemo drug Vinorelbine I’ve been taking is not making a difference.

I am still processing this new information and will write more when I have a chance to think about this new stage. What is important to share right now is that there is no point to continue with chemo treatment. My upcoming focus will be all about the quality of life as quantity is no longer an option.

By the way, the chemo is clearly dissipating from my tissues as I feel really good right now. I fully expect to have some healthy times on the horizon and plan to continue to live large.

Stay tuned as I’ll have more to say soon but for now let me share that I continue to value you as a support pillar and this new development was in the cards so let’s stay positive together.

And as always, I count myself fortunate to have the presence of God in my life all the time.

Lots of Love,

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  1. Reflecting your love back to you. Thank you for sharing your journey, always the teacher, always the guide. Your posts have opened many secrets for my life that have been buried in past complexities. Please know how much that means.

    1. How about we make it just you and me and go to a place like Barrington Steak House or Cut. I can’t do a meal but they are good at letter me share a meal so the price isn’t so over the top.

      Peace, Love, and Laughter

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