The 2% Mindset & Health Update

On Monday, November 15th, 2021 I had treatment at 2:30 pm. As you can see in the table below, my key bloodwork values are both up and down. Ideally, it would be good to see a higher White Blood Count (WBC) as it is an indication that my Immune System is in good shape to deal with any infections, viruses, etc. but the numbers don’t lie and masking, sanitizing my hands, etc. are a high priority.

When people ask how I’m doing, my usual response is, “I have good days and bad days but more good than bad.” Today is not one of the good days. I’m taking it pretty easy. All those with cancer have days like today where the degree of exhaustion is way beyond anything you’ve experienced in the past. The good news is it just takes time for it to improve so I expect I’ll be back to near normal tomorrow.

Last weekend, Brad and I spent the weekend in Boston visiting his daughter Alexis and hanging out with his grandson Carson. We visited Plymouth Rock, saw the replica of the Mayflower, ate some great Mexican food at Sam Diego’s Mexican Cookery and Bar, dinner at Longhorn Steakhouse, diner breakfast at the Breakfast Club near Harvard, a long walk down the Escalade running by the Charles River, a stroll over the Finish line of the Boston Marathon and dinner at Bricco in North End Boston. Brad put on a few pounds finishing off what was left on my plate. We had terrific driving conditions on both the way down and the way home but it rained like crazy when we were in Boston. Both Brad and I love this city.

Trips like this give us a lot of time to think outside the box and gave Brad to write and post the following:

I had some different conversations over the weekend with Big Brother Phil during our travels and listened to a few that he and my daughter Alexis had. One that stood out was one about ‘Time’, particularly how valuable it is, how we take it for granted, how we think we have lots of it, and how to convince others to take it seriously. We all know how precious it is yet do we really value it and invest in the ‘right’ things, the things that are truly important to us? Are we taking advantage of every moment in time and doing things that matter or make a difference? Why are we waiting till tomorrow or for the right time?

Generally, we often put our dreams and desires on hold because of lack of money, employment/working hard and often, to benefit others, for materialism, bills, weather, obstacles/difficulty, using the excuse that you don’t have time, staying in your comfort zone, or the simple fear of taking a chance. Regret is painful. That regret can be magnified, especially if presented with a life-altering or potential life-ending incident or disease.

I know it is not that simple and it is difficult to do all that you want and be all that you want to be. Dreaming is good but…Start Doing! If you want to go on that ‘dream’ trip with family or friends – Do It! If you want to attain better health or fitness – commit and Do It! If your thing is a dream home or car, get after it – Do It! If you want to climb that mountain, ride the bike across countries, do a marathon, raise money for someone in need, become a doctor – get after it! Do It! Easier said than done for sure but step outside the comfort zone into a space that is new, rewarding, and rarely crowded.

There is no time…no time like NOW!

Those of you who follow the articles I post know I’m trying to live large and have lots of adventures. I am fragile, weak, and my balance is off so there are physical limitations. I also need to rely on others where I’ve spent a life as a pretty independent individual. I’d like to go climb mountains but that’s not in the cards. But there are plenty of things I can do. In particular, spend as much time connecting and re-connection with the people in my life. This is easier than you think. Especially when you reach out to people and let them know you care you’ll find people reciprocate in kind.

If like me, you are living with a life-threatening disease, then you know your time is limited. As Brad puts so eloquently above, there is no time … no time like NOW!

As always, I think you for following my ramblings and being support pillars in my life. It is a source of motivation that helps me keep forging forward. Most of my days are better than today; thankfully.

Peace, Love, and Laughter

PS – And thanks to God who presence I feel in my life every moment. It is such a source of comfort.

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  1. You know Phil, we are with you every day. You are in our hearts & our prayers. We know there is nothing we can do, but just be there.
    I remember when we first met & you helped me set up the course on the computer & how things were back then. These days, I really struggle with the situation & I think how unfair this all is. Tears come to my eyes & I have to fight it.
    I just want this to “just go away”.
    My prayers are w/ you.
    You have been a pillar in my life.

  2. Hi Phil

    Reading Brad’s piece put me in mind of my trips to Boston,I was lucky enough to attend a couple of WebCT conferences in Boston in the early 2000s and enjoyed both the conference and the city.

    Do you remember my colleague Kathy Courtney? A short cheerful red headed lady who was very conscientious, well more conscientious than me anyway. It was the last day of the conference and we had attended all of the sessions that we had marked as being of relevance to us and they all happened to be in the morning. Kathy was intending to attend some random sessions in the afternoon but I wanted to go Whale Watching! In the end I persuaded her to join me by saying ‘In 20 year’s time when you look back on your trip to Boston, what will you regret not doing. Attending an irrelevant conference session or going on a Whale Watching trip?’ We went whale watching and still talk about it whenever we meet.

    Good to hear that the good days outnumber the bad ones.


    1. Hello My Friend

      I remember Kathy fondly. She has a naturally generous spirit. We have had some pretty good times over the years and I do miss our adventures around conferences. It was such a treat to be part of the advisory boards and know our input was shaping the nature of future learning solutions. I miss that in my life and I doubt the current generation of shakers and bakers is involved in the same way. Who knows?

      Peace, Love, and Laughter

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