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Sickboy Podcast is hilarious, ridiculously insightful, and absolutely determined to break down the stigma associated with illness and disease! The show started with three best friends who recognized that when faced with difficult situations, illnesses, and diseases, people tighten up, they get awkward, and they simply don’t know what to say. Taking the lead from Jeremie’s lifelong battle with Cystic Fibrosis, the boys help people understand that sometimes the best way to deal with illness, disease, and life is simply to laugh.

Early in October, I spent an hour and a half with Jeremie Saunders, Brian Stever, and Taylor MacGillivary and recorded the story of my adventure with Esophageal cancer. The final version of the recording was released on November 1st, 2021.

The title of the Podcast is:

Esophageal cancer – Death and Dying with Phil O’Hara

Phil has esophageal cancer. His prognosis is not good. Living with terminal cancer does a lot to a person and Phil eloquently walks the fellas through his process of facing death head-on. From prepping family and friends to making the most out of his day-to-day to reminiscing on old adventures. For a man who was experiencing peak health at the ripe age of 66 only to end up on death’s door a couple of years later, Phil is taking everything in stride and in style. Why not buy a friggin’ Harley?! Life’s too short not to do what excites you.

I hope you find the Podcast informative and entertaining.

As always, it brings joy to me knowing there are so many people in corners serving as support pillars. A big shout-out to my wife, children, and friends for being at my side during the cancer adventure.

Peace, Love, and Laughter

PS – And thanks to God for being a constant presence in my life.

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