Health Update – Low Neut

From: Medical News Today

Neutrophils are a type of white blood cell that helps heal damaged tissues and resolve infections. Neutrophil blood levels increase naturally in response to infections, injuries, and other types of stress. They may decrease in response to severe or chronic infections, drug treatments, and genetic conditions.

Neutrophils help prevent infections by blocking, disabling, digesting, or warding off invading particles and microorganisms. They also communicate with other cells to help them repair cells and mount a proper immune response.

The body produces neutrophils in the bone marrow, and they account for 55–70 percent of all white blood cells in the bloodstream. A normal overall white blood cell level in the bloodstream for an adult is somewhere between 2.0 and 7.5.

When there is an infection or another source of inflammation in the body, special chemicals alert mature neutrophils, which then leave the bone marrow and travel through the bloodstream to the site in need.

Unlike some other cells or blood components, neutrophils can travel through junctions in the cells that line blood vessel walls and enter into tissues directly.

As you can see in my Blood Work History, my value for Neut is 0.74 which is interesting as that’s not normally a problem for me. With that said, the one absolute constant with cancer is that you get surprises all the time.

Because of the low value, today’s treatment is deferred by a week. There is nothing I can do to improve this value. The production/reduction in Neut is totally controlled by internal body mechanisms.

So just a minor hiccup.

Thanks for hanging in there with my ramblings. I’m feeling well although a little tired these days.

Two items:

  • Only a few days left before my Birthday on October 25th. You can still gift me a blood donation by booking an apporintment with Canadian Blood Services.
  • Brad and I are getting ready for the Goodlife Fitness 10km on November 7th at 8:15 am. Several friends are going to run with us. If you don’t know, Brad will run and push me in a Hippocampe Wheelchair. You are welcome to join us in the Bluenose Marathon event. I decided to align with Big Brothers Big Sisters of Greater Halifax and they set up a fundraising event. I welcome you to contribute by clicking the chain link at the end of this sentence.

As always, thanks for being a support pillar. You continue to be my source of inspiration. And I continue to feel God’s presence giving me the courage to forge forward.

Peace, Love, and Laughter

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