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The chair in the image is called an Hippocampe All-Terrain Vehicle. It is part of the inventory maintained by the Inclusion and Accessibility Division or Parks and Recreation located in Captain William Spry Community Centre. Let me take a moment to offer a huge shout-out to Paul Tingley of Sport Nova Scotia for locating this service. The Hippocampe is not readily available in Nova Scotia so this is a real important find.

On Sunday morning of November 7th, Brad and I will use the Hippocampe to participate in the Bluenose Marathon Goodlife Fitness 10km. Brad will push me around the course with the exception of the start and the finish where I will walk. Over the years, Brad and I have participated together in many adventures but none as unique as this event. Brad plans to run 6:20 minute kilometers and given his level of fitness, I’m confident that time is an attainable mark.

We checked it out and picked it up yesterday (Wednesday, October 14, 2021). We can hold onto it until after the run so there will be lots of opportunities for us to take it for a run/ride and help Brad get ready on November 7th. Here’s hoping for good weather over the next while.

As I suspect you know, Brad and I were matched as Big Brother / Little Brother in September 1977. We have been hanging out for a lot of years. I have stayed connected with Big Brothers Big Sisters of Greater Halifax and currently am a member of the Board of Directors. This is an organization that is near and dear to my heart.

When Brad and I registered for the event it was about the adventure. To our surprise, several friends plan to join us on the run and we are getting encouragement from many friends who hope to be on site when we cross the finish line. This adventure is taking on a life of its own.

To me, it seemed like a great opportunity to promote Big Brothers Big Sisters of Greater Halifax. There is always a need for volunteers in many roles where the most important is to serve as Bigs. Perhaps our story will inspire you to get involved.

As with all charitable organizations, there is never enough money. The Bluenose Marathon is aligned with many organizations and acts as a pass-through for any team or individual wishing to fundraise. Although don’t feel there is any pressure, I ask that you consider sponsoring me with a contribution of either a small or large amount. You can do that at the following:

Contribute to Phil O’Hara’s initiative to raise funds for Big Brothers Big Sisters of Greater Halifax.

GOODLIFE Fitness 10km

Thank you for reading my article. It is good to have you as a support pillar as my challenge with cancer continues. Having you at my side is a source of motivation to make the effort to live every day to the fullest. A shoot out to my wife Janet who is my best friend and biggest fan.

I count my blessings to have God in my corner and I feel his touch all the time. This is proving most comforting.

Peace, Love, and Laughter

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  1. Hey Phil, that looks like a sweet ride! So cool that you are doing the Bluenose with Brad. Wish I could be there to watch!

    1. We’re taking the Hippocampe for a training session on Saturday at 6:00 am. Bloodwork at 8:10 in advance of my next treatment on Monday. I’m interested in the hemoglobin value and I’ve got a script to be ready if I need additional transfusions on Monday.

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