Wonderful Weekend

I just had to share my busy and special weekend. My plan is to live large going forward and that was the case last weekend.

On Saturday morning, my best friend from my first degree days at Dalhousie University, Phil LeBlanc, was in town from his home in Mavilette. We got together at our new apartment for breakfast at 10:00 AM. We ate, we told stories from our Dal days along with those from our families today. It was a good couple of hours.

We’ve been getting together regularly for the last year and each time is a trip down memory lane. Phil has a girlfriend in Dartmouth and she is usually with him but she had a pre-booked yoga session in the morning. The plan was to have supper together at the MicMac Tavern. I’ve been craving a steak. This is an oddity given I stopped eating meat about two years ago. These days I eat pretty much anything I can in an effort to put on weight. I’m holding my own and once I crack 80 kg (~177 lbs), I’ll go back to being meat-free.

Janet and I planned to spend the afternoon on the boat. It was not to sail but I had a couple of projects and Jan always has a book on the go. It was a nice warm sunny day. As we were about to head out, Jan’s youngest brother Roger and her Mom showed up for a visit. Roger hadn’t been here for a while so we had lots of improvements to show him. Our place is no longer chaos but is still a work-in-progress.

It was a nice visit and truthfully we weren’t in any hurry. We were just having a nice lazy Saturday and I do enjoy company.

We headed to boat about 1:30. I invited Brad to come for a beer and he got to the boat before we did and opened it up. Boats, beers, sunny skies, warm temperatures, lots of people on the boardwalk social distancing while enjoying the waterfront, and did I mention beer? The projects could wait.

James McDuff and Andrew Inch, who have the boat in the next berth, came aboard to have a beer. James brought along his engagement album so we got to see pictures of his future wife. He plans to get married in Paris next year. James and Andrew had Wayne Kirk out for a sail. I haven’t seen Wayne for decades and he looks terrific at 78.

Sue Uteck showed up with a coffee in hand (at least that’s what she says is in the Tim Horton’s cup) and her friend Val. Val has a boat a few berths away. She sauntered down the wharf sporting a bottle of white wine.

I suspect you’ve already concluded that none of the projects got any attention.

About 4:45 Janet and I headed to Dartmouth to meet Debbie and Philip at the MicMac Tavern. Anyone who lives here knows you always have a wait at the MicMac but to my surprise, due to COVID, they now take reservations. Our wait would be 45 minutes. Wow … the MicMac taking reservations? The pandemic is really changing the world as we know it. 🤷‍♂️

I wasn’t ready for the wait so I called around and Montana’s could seat us in 15 minutes which is pretty much the time it takes to drive there from our location. Off we went.

I like the food at Montana’s and they do a good steak. When in a restaurant its become my practice to have them serve half on the plate and pack the other half to take home. Living without a stomach means smaller meals but more meals throughout the day.

I’ve become good at chewing every mouthful extensively before swallowing so as a general rule, it takes me the same amount of time to eat a half portion as it takes everyone else to consume a full plate. This practice of over-chewing helps with digestion. An interesting discovery is that I get a chance to really savour my food more-so than in the past. Previously, most bites were a couple of chews and down the hatch. I strongly encourage you to chew longer. It extends the pleasure of the great tastes of a good meal. Who knew?

Even with the half meal, I had to push the plate away. I’m still working on knowing when I need to stop eating or suffer bloating. It was just so good so sadly I tipped over that line of consuming too much. The only solution is to head home and lay down. It takes about an hour to get back to normal.

It was great to see Debbie and Philip as a way to compete a full day living large. I slept well that night.

Sunday started with a good healthy breakfast and then Janet and I picked up her Mom for the 9:30 AM Mass at St. Theresa’s. When I say we picked up her Mom, that just involves walking down two flights and knocking on her door. At 94 years of age, she remains strong and healthy and keeps her own apartment. We really enjoy having her close by and it allows Janet to see her regularly.

After Mass we headed home, I had a quick bite, and then headed to the boat.

This collection of people, with the exception of Bret and Matt at the top, are students I had at G.K. Butler Elementary School in Spryfield. That was between 1976 and 1981. The school is long gone but several of these guys still live there.

That’s Paul Strople on my right and Paul Manson on my left. At the front in yellow is Dawn Kilvert and that’s Rosemary Johnson behind me.

The wind was perfect. We did the loop around McNabs with Bret at the helm and Matt on the lines. Of course there were a few adult refreshments and lots of snacks. We headed out around noon and returned to the berth at Bishops Landing around 5:00 PM.

There were lots of stories bringing up memories of special moments. Another day of living large. With all the fresh air, I headed home to a relaxing evening with Janet.

Weekends like this are up-lifting. I don’t know what it will be like as I head into chemo. That begins this week. I will share more about that when I know more.

Again I thank you for being at my side as a support pillar. Your comments and messages along with God holding my hand counts for more than I can express in words.

Peace, Love and Laughter

Phil ❤️

14 Replies to “Wonderful Weekend”

  1. The sailing looks wonderful and so glad you are enjoying it and it is bringing you peace- the water has a way of doing that!
    My I am feeling old looking at that picture and remember Dawn Kilvert from Holly Drive and our teaching days-hard to believe.Good luck with the chemo- we know in our household how challenging it can be and are still at it too!!

  2. Hi Phil:

    It was so nice to hear about all the wonderful things you are doing and about all the people in your life who are supporting you. That sounds like a busy but really rewarding week-end and it’s good to know that you are taking advantage of every opportunity to do what is meaningful and relaxing.
    I see your apartment is in Halifax. You and Janet must find it a lot easier. But as such a long-term resident of Dartmouth I wonder how the transition to the other side of the harbour felt :).
    I’ll be praying that your chemo goes well and doesn’t take too much out of you, and just praying generally for your continued peace and blessing.
    All the best,

  3. “Boats, beers, sunny skies, warm temperatures, lots of people on the boardwalk social … while enjoying the waterfront, and did I mention beer?”

    Reminds me of a beautiful afternoon with great company just over two years ago in Copenhagen.

    I so wish I could join you for a repeat right now!

    1. So nice to hear from you. I needed some time for reflection over the last few weeks but that’s in my six. I’ve got a lot of living large to go for coming up.

      Cheers, Phil

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