New Address in August

Janet and I are waitlisted for an apartment on Gladstone but nothing has opened up since March so we decided to broaden our search. We investigated rentals in downtown Halifax and looked at a property on the south side of Citadel Hill. The price range of anything we like is $2,300+ monthly, which is doable but higher than we’d like to pay. As well, there is limited parking and that is a challenge for guests.

Janet’s 94 year-old healthy and active Mom lives in the Vincent Coleman which is pretty close to the neighbourhoods where both Janet and I grew up. Yesterday we looked at a 2-bedroom 2-bathroom suite with a den. The best part is there is space for a table large enough to seat 10 now, which is our family headcount today with two wives and one girlfriend, not to mention our first grandson arriving in August.

The floorplan and amenities delivers on all our requirements. We have our name on the apartment and will meet the landlord with required documentation to get the application off to the owners. In addition to what you see in the floorplan above, there is indoor parking, a well-equipped gym, and a top-floor terrace (not open until the rails are finished in the next few weeks).

Janet’s Mom lives on the same wing on the 1st floor. Our unit is on the 3rd floor on the other side of the corridor. There is not much of a view so we can transfer to a different unit with a better view when one becomes available should we wish to do so in the future.

We plan to make the move on August 1st. The landlord says we can move earlier once the profession cleaning is complete and everything has been painted. That should be about July 21st.

We are in the final stages of emptying our house either into the Pod in the driveway, the garbage bin behind the Pod, or drop-off at Value Village. The only furniture left in the house is a coach, side chair, my man-chair, a table and four chair, and our bed upstairs. We should finish off the small stuff this afternoon (Sunday) when our children come over and pitch in to help out.

A photographer is scheduled to come in to shoot the house on Wednesday and the sales sign goes on the lawn Thursday with an Open House planned for Sunday afternoon. Our realtor Debbie, one of Janet’s sisters, expects the house will sell quickly so here’s hoping we close prior to the move into our new apartment.

Both Janet and I are excited with the decision and Jan will really enjoy being closer to her Mom.

As always, thanks for the continued support. Each day proves a little better than the one before and I well on the mend. One surprise is that I seem to have become lactose intolerant as any hint of dairy results in nausea. There are plenty of options so I’m figuring out lots of positive changes to my diet.

Peace, Love and Laughter

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  1. Great news. Nice to watch the action of the community garden close to you also. You can even join my rug hooking group at the church nearby.😜

  2. Glad to hear that you’re progressing nicely–welcome to the west-side! Let me know if you need any help with the move. I am in self-isolation until Monday evening (Aug. 3)–after making a trip to Saskatchewan to see my grandson–but will be available after that.

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