Update – After Two Weeks Home

Each day is a little better than the day before.

My weight is stable at 79.4 kg (175 lbs). I’m happy with that as its a struggle finding things to eat that don’t give me nausea. My daily eating pattern going forward is five to six small meals. The portions on the children’s menu is just about right. I see a lot of doggie bags in future restaurant outings.

Last Monday I had the stent removed. As soon as I was alert after that endoscope, I had a barium swallow. Everything is looking good. There are no leaks.

My hemoglobin is up to 107 which is good for me. I did have an iron infusion on Tuesday and a B12 shot. B12 comes from meat, fish and eggs and is primarily absorbed in the stomach. Since I no longer have a stomach, I’ll have B12 shots on a fixed schedule which is yet to be decided. We need B12 to help shape hemoglobin to improve our capacity to transport oxygen.

On Tuesday I had a long conversation with a nutritionist. She offered a number of good suggestions on how to improve my diet. I’ve had a lot of diarrhea and learned that cold food like popsicles can be a trigger.

On Wednesday, I had a long conversation with Dr. Wallace who is the lead on my medical team and my thoracic surgeon. She is pleased with my progress and satisfied with how everything looks inside. I mentioned to her that I had a funny experience with coffee. I haven’t had any since before the surgery and I made it with the same brand and coffee maker I’ve always used. The taste was totally foreign and not even close to how I remember it. I also had some chicken noodle soup earlier this week that tasted more like clam chowder. Most things taste as I’d expect and there is no explanation for why coffee and chicken noodle soup did not. Ah well.

The news from Dr. Wallace is that she got all of the cancer in my stomach and esophagus. I’d like to say I’m totally cancer free. However, there is a small irregularity on my liver. I’ll have a PET scan within two weeks and likely a biopsy. This is a cause for concern but no a cause for panic. Should it turn out to be a matastiscied new cancer location, it is treatable. I’m not done yet.

A always, thanks for being at my side throughout this journey. Your support and God holding my hand has gotten me through the rough sections.

Peace, Love and Laughter

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  1. Happy to hear you are still making forward progress on what is certainly the most challenging marathon of your life Phil.

    I’m sure the 2 steps forward and 1 step back routine is getting old, but there is no doubt your determination and continued approach to attacking this as physical life challenge will put you at the top of the podium at the finish line!

    1 revolution at a time my friend…

  2. Phil,

    I do believe your physical conditioning has been a major factor in your success. How long must you wait to begin your activities again?



  3. Hi Phil – I am so glad that you are feeling better! With your determination and grit, I am sure you will continue to improve each day. Thinking of you!

  4. Phil, I’m so happy you’re progressing for the better, baby steps. I’m in awe of your, one day at a time, method, it’s working! I ask God every day, what do you want me to do for you today, guide me … he’s guiding you as well. Keep up the positives, always great to hear from you👏🏻🤗♥️

  5. You are the proof. The power of positive thinking. Enjoy these beautiful summer days and feel the power of the sun. Vitamin D for all.

  6. Enjoyed the update as I mentioned to Cindy the other day that there has been no update from you. I was hoping no news was good news. Sounds like that is the case. Keep kicking this. Looking forward to buying you a beer

    Losing the coffee will be like missing a crutch I guess. Not liking the taste I used tea for the caffeine kick in the a.m.

    Take Care as always,


  7. Such great news, Phil, that you continue to bounce back. Keep up the good work. Hopefully you’ll can be back to the activities you love by the end of the year! xo

  8. Wonderful news Phil-stay healthy and take each day as it comes-lots of adventures still ahead for you (and Janet as well).

    Hugs to both of you,
    Rita and Ted

  9. Many thanks Phil for keeping your readers so well informed on the realities of your steady and sure progress as relayed by your stellar medical team. That you are able to engage with us in this manner reflects a positive ‘men’s sana in corpore sana’ sense together with the associated empowerment. It is clear you have the will to see this through. Stay strong.

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