A few hard days …

Some COVID sidewalk art in Dartmouth that I found on my walk last Sunday.

The good news is, as of today (Wednesday), Dad is back in a normal room and is feeling better than the last few days. The bad news is, the weekend threw more than a few hurdles our way.

Friday’s barium swallow did show a leak at the joins where a section of his small intestine attaches to what remains of the esophagus. This isn’t uncommon but because Dad was showing some signs of possible infection (increased white blood cells, etc.) they decided to put in a stint to make sure everything heals extra well. That procedure went well, but afterwards Dad dealt with hiccups that kept him awake and were often very painful for at least 24 hours. They were able to get the hiccups under control by Sunday morning and had managed to control a few symptoms of infection as well. He was able to go back to a room on the floor on Sunday evening.

On Monday, things took another downturn and an infection around Dad’s lungs sent him back to a higher level of care (this time in the ICU because there were no beds available in intermediate care) and meant two days of procedures to manage the infection and make sure he didn’t get worse. That all seems to have worked as he is strong and stable today.

Monday and Tuesday were tough days. The combination of the infection and drugs kept Dad exhausted and not in a place to call or text with updates. The medical staff have been very supportive and helpful but it’s still very difficult to not be at the hospital through all this and hard for Dad to be alone.

Things are better today. Dad is back in a room, has more energy and is on the mend once again.

Thanks as always for your support and encouragement.


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  1. Love and prayers are with you and your family!

    Sorry to hear of your setbacks, but I know you’ll pull through.

    Look forward to seeing you behind the counter at Burrito Jax’s really soon.


  2. Thanks for the update Meredith. I’m sorry you’re unable to support your dad through this in the way you’d prefer do to Covid19, but I’m sure he knows you would, if you could. Please say hello to Phil for me, and let him know I’m thinking of him. Karen from Australia. xo

  3. Hello Phil, Hello Meredith, Hello Janet,
    You have a friend in Granger, Indiana at the University of Notre Dame. Just reminding you I’m along for the journey. I’m a hugger and a hand holder. Can you feel me?
    Grace and peace,

  4. Sounds like a tough ride these past few days but sounds like your Dad is improving. My thoughts and prayers are with you, your Dad, and your family.

  5. Thank you Meredith for the update. Phil is in great hands and is where he needs to be for now. Love and Prayers to all of you. Better to get the bumps in the road now than later.🤗💐♥️

  6. Meredith… you said it well! Phil… we think of you constantly… and hope that our good vibes are getting to you. Love you… brother❤️

  7. Many thanks for the update. Phil, you’re a fighter and I know you’re up to the challenge. You’re always in Anita’s and my prayers. Cheers my friend.

  8. Thinking of Phil .. sure hoping he keeps getting stronger and stronger .. thinking of him and his family at this very trying time . God bless prayers will be answered .. the Lord is listening ..

  9. Phil it is good to hear that the worst is behind you and that you are on the road to recovery. I’m sure it hasn’t been easy for you especially during Covid life. Sending warm thoughts and prayers that you will be back in good health very soon and back on the open roads on your bike.

    Take care,

  10. Sending lots of love and care. The Dartmouth O’Haras have been in the Avonport O’Rogers thoughts and conversations often over these last few weeks.

    We appreciate the updates and are here with you.

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