It Is A Good Thursday, May 29th

I have good progress to share.

All I’m getting from Ivy now is nutritional fluids and blood thinners. Based on the most recent blood work, they have the right mix in my blood thinner; the goal is dissolve the blood clots but if my blood gets too thin and I cut myself, I might bleed more than I should. It is find the right balance.

The drain in my nose came out today. It attaches to a vacuum on the wall and randomly clicked on from time to time. The other end was about 50 cm down inside my intestines. It’s been removing blood and other body fluids which normally go in the other direction. With that out, it doesn’t take so long to disconnect for a bathroom break or a walk. Nice to have that umbilical cord removed.

I still have a small drain in my side. It’s a little bulb and removes blood from around my incision. It doesn’t fill anymore and is scheduled to come out tomorrow (Friday).

Most of my dressings are gone now including my incision. Things heal faster when exposed to the air. There are a lot of staples in the incision which runs from my belly button to breastbone. I expected it to look gross but it’s okay. It looks about as good as any sew job I’ve done.

Tomorrow (Friday), I have a Barium Test. I swallow a fluid that is easy to see on an x-ray. It will show if there are any leaks at the joins where a section of my small intestine replaces my stomach and attaches to what remains of my esophagus.

This was a terrifying rollercoaster ride and my emotions have been all over the map. It helps to be in the care of brilliant health professionals. No one can fully prepare for the enormity of this experience. Should you ever find yourself in my shoes, wrap yourself in the care and company of family and friends. They lift you up and carry you safely over the worst hurdles. This is not an adventure to do solo.

I have the added advantage of God holding my hand. Faith is powerful and never fails.

As always, thank you for being at my side. Your support proved crucial to helping me reach this point of healing and recovery.

Peace, Love and Laughter – Phil ❤️💪👍🙏

14 Replies to “It Is A Good Thursday, May 29th”

  1. So good to hear that you have had a better day. Hang in there – we are with you in spirit and wish you another good day tomorrow!

  2. Hi Phil, Glad to hear of your progress and excellent medical care. Your post reminded me of Charlie Farquarson’s line about a neighbour who was “A Drain on her father’s side”. Hope it doesn’t hurt to laugh! – Randy

  3. So glad to hear you are up and around and on the mend, my friend. Keep kicking cancer’s ass and get back to full health!

  4. Great news from a great man. Your bravery is to be admired. One day at a time…….you will be home soon. Hurry and hoorah.

  5. So what did you say to Ivy that she isn’t giving you the hugs and kisses anymore or did I read something that wasn’t there. LOL. Take care. The roof burnt off the crematorium so you’ll have to hang on for another 20 plus years. I think it’s my turn to by the beer.

  6. Phil you are an inspiration … and you will get thru this .. it will be a new way of life .. you have amazing strength .. footprints in the sand come to mind and Now let the Lord carry you for as long as you need him too .. he will always be there as you know . Your strength will grow even stronger .. your friends and family will help carry you as well . God bless

  7. Glad to hear of your continued progress in your recovery Phil. I’m lucky to have married one of those guardian Angel’s we call nurses so know first hand the impact a good one can have on the trajectory your healing can take.

    Hoping for continued good news from your scan tomorrow and that you will be surrounded by your loved ones again soon.

  8. It’s great to hear you’re getting better and stronger! Continued prayers for you. 🙏🏽🙏🏽💜

  9. Your are one inspiring guy Phil!!!

    Someday we’ll compare scars, 28 staples in mine.

    You know I’m always right there with you Phil.

    Good thing you are strong and have God on your side.

    Always in my thoughts and Prayers

  10. Keep on going Phil! I am glad to read that all is now improving. Perhaps little steps but you are strong and motivaties so much. You will be runningand cyclingsoonerthen you think,that’s what I am sure off.

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