A Better Day

Dad’s CT scan has confirmed he has blood clots in both lungs. Considering yesterday’s test results that’s what we expected. While this is not what we would hope for it isn’t unusual following major surgery.

He’s been on blood thinners since yesterday and will continue to have to take those for a number of months to manage his condition and have appointments to monitor the clots after he’s out of the hospital.

Otherwise, today has been a much better day. I spoke with him around lunchtime and he seemed strong and in good spirits. He’s been able to get out of bed and sit in a chair a couple of times and is going through his breathing exercises well.

He’s gone for a couple more walks, which remain taxing but doable.

For now, we’ll be glad of a calmer day and hope for continued clear skies ahead.

All for now,

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  1. Thinking of you snd your family at this heartfelt time . Prayers are with you .. and your family . Keep the strength .. your special and an inspiration . Janis Gidney

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