No Bed of Roses Today

When I wrote this morning’s blog, I felt great.

I had a little hiccup yesterday. Even though my surgeon has small hands, when anyone digs around your chest, there’s a good chance of collapsing a lung. After rolling that dice, the air trapped inside the right side of my chest along with natural fluids caused about 40% of the lung to collapse. No biggy. The fix, you guessed it, another tube. It’s not like on TV; there is no rush of air; the lung slowly inflates overnight.

At 9:00 am the porter arrived to take me to X-ray to check the status of the lung. I was breathing well so confident all would be good and they’d decide to remove the tube soon.

This is a pretty big ordeal. All the tubes stay on from my girlfriend Ivy. And the oxygen switches to a tank. I stood up from the bed with an oxygen count of 94% and two steps later on the stretcher I was in terrifying pain The pressure in my right chest was unbearable and my oxygen at 56%. In seconds I was back in bed with six to eight people moving at warp speed and running through scenarios to account for this sudden problem.

I was terrified but they knew what to do. I was I good hands. Everyone knows I’m the emotional softy in the family. The teams recognized my need to be assured and got me stable quickly on that front too.

I’ve been put on blood thinners. Once stable, I’ll have a CT scan. The current diagnosis is blood clots from my legs travelled to my right lungs.

More to come and as always I’m so glad that have you at my side and God holding my hand.

Peace, Love and Laughter - Phil

7 Replies to “No Bed of Roses Today”

  1. Wow Phil! When you describe this, I can’t picture you then writing about it, to keep the rest of us up to date. Rest easy buddy. You’ve got the power of many friends and the Almighty in your court.

  2. Phil, keeping you in my thoughts. I’m so glad you are in such a good hospital and getting great care. I am confident you will get through this and go back to the active life you love. Keep up your great spirits, and you can do anything, overcome any hurdle! Your friends and family are rallying around you (virtually) to support you, and the love shows. Stay strong, my friend.

  3. Jeez Phil, what a rollercoaster. I take some solice that you were, in the midst of everything, able to muster the energy for this post. You’re a strong and stubborn SOB, which will serve you well now. What you have gone through has been tremendous, and while what is next wont be easy, but will be very achievable for you. Rest up and take care! God bless you and your family.

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