Surgery Update

Hi folks,

Meredith here posting on behalf of Dad (Phil). Just wanted to let you know that he’s out of surgery. They were a bit delayed getting started which is why we only heard from the doctor around 8:30 pm Atlantic.

I’ll post more details in the days ahead but wanted to post a short message tonight to let you know that he’s in recovery.


“Surgery proved to be different than expected. Half my Esophagus was removed and all of my Stomach. My small intestine is now attached to my esophagus. More details when I have them and more spark. I am doing okay.”

Thank you for all your support,


10 Replies to “Surgery Update”

  1. Thanks for this message.
    I hope all went well and that the last bit of recovery is starting now!
    All the best for you all.

  2. Thanks for the update Meredith-looking forward to hearing it was a hugs success.

    Positive thoughts and prayers to your Dad and the entire family.

  3. Hi Phil- so glad the surgery is over even though it appears to be a greater extent than expected!It is a tough road ahead- we are going through most of the side effects and digestive issues of which you are speaking!Bruce had 2/3 of his pancreas removed Mar.30(which produces all your digestive enzymes and insulin) and now is in 6 months of IV infusions and 6 oral chemo pills daily- as you know some days are better than others but you have to keep going.You are an inspiration as is Bruce a trooper in fighting his 3rd different cancer and always says”keep positive and moving ahead”
    Keep up the fight and may God be close to you!

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