Companion of The Order of the Cove

My name is David Stuewe and I write on behalf of the Segelberg Trust, Big Cove Advisory Committee and The Friends of Big Cove. Big Cove YMCA Camp or Big Cove, is a residential camp for children aged 6–16 located in Thorburn, Nova Scotia. The camp is the oldest residential camp in Canada, founded by what is now called the YMCA of Greater Halifax/Dartmouth in 1889. It is located on a 100-acre peninsula on Merigomish Harbour in Pictou County.

One thing Phil has not shared is that during the March 2020 meeting of The Big Cove YMCA Camp Advisory Committee and The Friends of Big Cove, he was appointed as a Companion of The Order of the Cove. Phil is only the 3rd Companion of The Order of the Cove.

This appointment recognizes Phil’s commitment to Big Cove YMCA Camp, and his role as the creator of Big Cove’s online presence. That online presence, launched during the 1997 and 1998 Save the Camp Campaign, and helped the Y avoid the closure and sale of Big Cove. That effort launched Big Cove’s continuing successful web presence.

The CEO of the Y, Brian Posavad, noted how helpful Phil, was during recent term as Chair of the Camp Advisory Committee (BCAC). Phil has served the community in many ways. This included helping other youth at the YMCA in the 1960’s. Then he was a member of the YMCA Leader Corp.

Phil is known for always being willing to step up, and help, when asked. Thank you from all those who have been assisted by your commitment to help others, and particularly the youth who will attend Big Cove YMCA for generations to come!


David Stuewe
On behalf of Segelberg Trust, BCAC and The Friends of Big Cove

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