Remarkable & Humbling #RDBR2020

In 2018 I did my first unsupported bike race. There were 20 riders registered, 16 started, and 8 finished. I was the last to cross the finish line after 13 days, 10 hours and 8 minutes. I think the picture to the right might be my best snapshot ever. It clearly captures how I felt at the end of the race.

The Round Denmark Bike Race was a life achievement for me. I learned so much about myself and how powerful an engine is inside each of us.

I made many wonderful friends from around the world. With this single race behind me, it was clear I am now part of the cycling community. If you are interested in reading about my experience, click on the PDF icon at the end of this sentence.

But this blog post is not about the race in July 2018. Earlier today I spotted a post in Facebook that left me without words and brought me to tears. My good friend and the organizer of the Round Denmark Bike Race, Lone Hansen, posted the following message:

Thank you, thank you, thank you Lone. You are a wonderful human being. As mentioned in Lone’s message, should you wish contribute, you can contact Lone at

I am speechless, honoured and humbled. I love you Lone Hansen!

Peace, Love and Laughter – Phil O’Hara

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    1. I love all the pictures you post. Looking forward to a pot luck with Mary, Cathy and Sue when you’re back. Seems right to include Rita and Ted.

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