And the Call Came

I’ve been waiting for the phone to ring since waking this morning. Shortly after noon, it went off and the display read QEII. This is the call.

“Hello, may I speak to Ward O’Hara?”

I say, “This is me. I’ve been waiting to hear from you.”

At the other end I hear, “This is Anna from Radiation and I have your first appointment.”

“Terrific I say, I’ve been anxiously waiting for this call.”

Anna said, “It is 8:00 AM on February 10th. Please arrive early to get changed. We’ll have all your appointments for the week including your chemotherapy.”

I say, “That’s great to hear. I’ll see you on the tenth. Thanks so much.”

So now it’s real. My treatment schedule is on the books.

What My Plan Will Look Like

  • On treatment day 1 (February 10th), I will have my first radiation treatment. Odds are I will also have chemotherapy on the same day.
  • On treatment days 2, 3, 4 and 5 I have radiation only. Should it turn out that my chemotherapy is on a different day, say day 2, it will be day 2 every week.
  • On days 6 and 7, I rest and recover to prepare for a repeat in the upcoming week.
  • My radiation/chemotherapy treatment spans 5 weeks. So there will be a total of 25 radiation treatments and 5 chemotherapy sessions.
  • Should I be in good health in week 5, an additional round may be added.
  • On completion of the radiation/chemotherapy treatments, I will rest and recover for 4 – 6 weeks. During this period, I’ll have a 2nd PET Scan to ensure my cancer is still localized to my esophagus.
  • Provided, all is good, I’ll undergo an 8-hour surgery when almost all of my esophagus will be removed and my stomach will be stretched up through my chest and re-attached to what remains of my esophagus.

That is the plan as I understand it today. It is just a plan and subject to change throughout my treatment.

As always, thanks for being at my side through this challenge. It has gotten very real today.

4 Replies to “And the Call Came”

  1. Good to see that you are on your way!! You will be busy – for sure!! Thank you for keeping us all posted! We will be thinking about you!

    1. Thanks my friend. I’ll get a lot more details at the first session and my life will become pretty busy but I ready to get going. Bring it on!

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