Hemoglobin Update

This is just a quick message to let you know that my hemoglobin count this morning was 84 (in the US that would be 8.4). As a reminder, for a man my age it should be between 120 – 140 so it’s still low but not critical. It is critical when below 70.

After the transfusion of 4 units of whole blood on Monday and Tuesday, it reached a count of 85. Today’s count is so close that, that indicates I’m stable. That’s good news.

It does not explain why I tanked earlier in the week so there is more to investigate. One decision today was to transfer all the details from this episode in the Emergency Department at Dartmouth General to my cancer care team at the QEII Health Sciences Centre across the harbour in Halifax. Since this is no longer a critical condition, to me keeping everything with one team makes a lot of sense.

Thanks for reading. Clearly there is more to come.

Cheers, Phil

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