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“Many people feel that the dimes are a sign of communication from someone that has passed on, letting them know they are not alone. Some other interpretations of finding dimes are: – Someone or something is trying to get your attention. – Guidance or validation that you’re on the right path.”

I found the passage above when I searched the web for the story behind what it means when you find a dime like the one in the picture I picked up on the street earlier today. I think finding that dime was significant and gave me cause to think.

There are a couple of things that have become crystal clear to me recently.

  1. There is no down-side to being sentimental.
  2. Being open with your feelings brings inner peace.
  3. Time is your most important possession and if you’ve been holding back letting people know you love them, you may not get do-overs.
  4. Love trumps everything.
  5. I like being sentimental more than holding back my feelings.
  6. The more I let people know I care about them, the easier it gets to tell the next person.

So where is this posting going?

Right now it is 7Β°C out and I haven’t been running for a while. I got dressed, strapped on my running shoes and headed out to do my street. From end to end, it is a little over 2 km. Today my pace was 10:00 minutes per kilometer which is an okay pace for me. What I tell people about my speed is that I can catch the people walking their dogs provided they stop to pick up the poop. To my surprise and delight, I’ve come to enjoy getting out for a run and see it as another example that each of us has a better engine inside than we fully appreciate.

At about the 1.5 km mark I spotted a dime on the pavement. I ran past it and the thought occurred to me that “dimes are a sign of communication from someone that has passed on.” I retraced my steps, stopped for a moment, picked up the dime, and finished my run.

I am a member of the Mooseheads billet program and host Alexis Gravel and Jason Horvath. I love them both and they have become valued members of our family. We learned earlier in the week that a long-time member of the billet program, Bill Donnelly, passed away after a short illness. Bill was in charge of player transportation and visited our home often with players in tow.

Bill was a man of humour, grace and joy. I was particularly impressed during the August camps when much of his time was spent transporting players cut from the roster. His empathy and capacity to have the right words of comfort to say to players during this time of extreme disappointment was remarkable. That genuine regard for the feelings of others was so special. My thoughts and prayers to the family.

That dime was Bill letting me know he is not alone. Safe travels my friend.

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