ROI – Priority Second Dose for the Immune Compromised Community

Those who follow my blog know that in December 2019 I was blindsided with a cancer diagnosis. I wish to start this post with a heartfelt shoutout to all the brilliant medical professionals who have taken care of me for the past sixteen months. Maintaining quality care for patients with life-threatening diseases while concurrently redesigning ….  Read More

Two Steps Forward and One Back

Two Steps Forward On Tuesday, April 6th 2021, I re-started chemotherapy with the drug Capecitabine. It is four pills in the morning and four later in the day. This drug is not as aggressive as the Oxaliplatin I was on. However, it will not destroy my blood marrow. Like everything else with cancer treatment, each ….  Read More

Reach Out While You Still Can

I reconnected with one of Drew’s (my youngest son) cohort from Ryerson through a video chat on Monday. Let’s call him Bud. Those are moments of joy for me. It is no secret that I value having friendships with young people. This has been a theme throughout my life and I plan to continue to ….  Read More

The Valid Interpretation

Funny, I’m not sure I’d recognize my Oncologist, Dr. Wojciech Morzycki, without a mask. He is a brilliant specialist with a huge practice where many of his patients are in the advanced stages of cancer with little chance of survival. At our face-to-face consult today, he shared his diagnosis on the state of my disease ….  Read More

The Dreaded Curve Ball

In baseball, the curveball is hard to hit because it is unpredictable. All of us with cancer, or any disease for that matter, discover early in treatment that we can’t predict what is coming. I’ve had lots going on lately but until recently I had more questions than answers so I didn’t have much about ….  Read More

Counting My Blessings

Yesterday (February 4th.) I got a lovely greeting card from a friend in United States. She and Janet taught together for years. She met and married a wonderful man who at the time made his home in Pittsburgh. Now they spend all their time in the warm and sunny Florida. Her husband was diagnosed with ….  Read More


January 20, 2021 – I spent the day glued to the television watching the coverage of the Inauguration in the United States. It proved to be a source for hope that the soul of America will shine again and be driven by a moral compass we haven’t seen for the last four years. As a ….  Read More


Quick Note: I have heard from a number of people who are worried because I haven’t posted for a while. My bad. I have three articles in the works and with the activities around the holidays, I enjoyed being lazy. All is good! 😍 Haven’t heard the term Spoonie before? It was a first for ….  Read More

Emotional Changes

Introduction I was really pissed when I started writing this blog a few weeks ago. It was originally titled “It’s Okay To Be Angry,” but with the passage of time I’ve mellowed. My mood was triggered by an episode where I was ditched by a friend at an event. After an hour or so I ….  Read More

Clutch Onto Your Independence

Let me start this blog article with an update on my health. Yesterday (Wednesday, November 11th) was a Chemotherapy treatment. That’s a couple of hours in the chair and then I wear a baby bottle with a slop drip infusion until it is empty which is typically 42 hours. Two days prior to every Chemo ….  Read More