Wonderful Weekend

I just had to share my busy and special weekend. My plan is to live large going forward and that was the case last weekend. On Saturday morning, my best friend from my first degree days at Dalhousie University, Phil LeBlanc, was in town from his home in Mavilette. We got together at our new ….  Read More

And Here’s the Next Chapter

Let me start by sharing that Janet and I became grandparents on August 31st at 8:05 AM. Becca and Chris do not plan to post baby pictures on social media so just imagine the most beautiful baby you’ve seen and that’s a good place to start. Jacob Christopher Philip O’Hara weighed in at 8 lbs ….  Read More

Worst News Possible

Pretty catchy title eh? I suspect it grabbed your attention but I had to pick it. On Monday, August 10th, I met with Dr. Wojciech Morzychi, a senior Chemotherapy Oncologist and now the lead on my case. I expected to hear positive news about my cancer but early in the conversation he said “I have ….  Read More

New Address in August

Janet and I are waitlisted for an apartment on Gladstone but nothing has opened up since March so we decided to broaden our search. We investigated rentals in downtown Halifax and looked at a property on the south side of Citadel Hill. The price range of anything we like is $2,300+ monthly, which is doable ….  Read More

Update – After Two Weeks Home

Each day is a little better than the day before. My weight is stable at 79.4 kg (175 lbs). I’m happy with that as its a struggle finding things to eat that don’t give me nausea. My daily eating pattern going forward is five to six small meals. The portions on the children’s menu is ….  Read More

Update – Catchup

Correction: In my original post, I wrote I was released on Wednesday, June 10th. That was a mistake and evidence on how this experience was such a blur. Hello my friends. Finally I have enough energy to write so it’s time to share my progress. I’m still digesting my 21 days in the hospital and ….  Read More

A few hard days …

The good news is, as of today (Wednesday), Dad is back in a normal room and is feeling better than the last few days. The bad news is, the weekend threw more than a few hurdles our way. Friday’s barium swallow did show a leak at the joins where a section of his small intestine ….  Read More

It Is A Good Thursday, May 29th

I have good progress to share. All I’m getting from Ivy now is nutritional fluids and blood thinners. Based on the most recent blood work, they have the right mix in my blood thinner; the goal is dissolve the blood clots but if my blood gets too thin and I cut myself, I might bleed ….  Read More

A Better Day

Dad’s CT scan has confirmed he has blood clots in both lungs. Considering yesterday’s test results that’s what we expected. While this is not what we would hope for it isn’t unusual following major surgery. He’s been on blood thinners since yesterday and will continue to have to take those for a number of months ….  Read More

24 Hours and I’m a New Dude

Yesterday sucked. There is no other way to say it but 24 hours later I feel terrific. The diagnosis is that blood clots, likely from my legs, moved. into my right lungs. I was put on blood thinners right away which is the normal treatment for blood clots. I just went to have a CT ….  Read More