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February 16, 2022: My name is Meredith O’Hara. Dad died today at 9:30 am. He tasked me to proof this blog and post on his behalf. This is a difficult read but he put a lot of time and effort into reflection on his life experience and shares advice here for anyone interested in his ….  Read More

One More Short Roadtrip

Today (Thursday, February 10th) Paramedics come to do a PCR test and as long as it is negative, tomorrow (Friday, February 11th) at 2:00 pm an ambulance will transport me to Hospice. The time has come. I can no longer do anything for myself. My son Chris lifted me into the wheelchair this morning to ….  Read More

I Am Only Human

You have likely heard me say, “I have good days and bad days but more good than bad.” Yesterday, Sunday, February 6th, 2022 would count amount the worst day since the start of my adventure with cancer. Let me share it with you so you are not blindsided when you inevitably arrive where I have. ….  Read More

Be Doing Wheelies Soon

Last night I had a wonderful meal out with Gord Dickie and Graham Eisenhauer. These short outings are such a source of joy and lead me to moments of euphoria. If you follow my blogs, you already know I’m going out of my way to have more of the magic moments like this and whether ….  Read More

A Health Setback – Sort Of

Factoid – The brain is responsible for 20% of the body’s energy consumption daily. I just learned this recently and in hindsight, it makes sense given it is always functioning, even when we sleep. Let me introduce you to our Funky Fun Loving Friends who gathered at an Airbnb in Queensland and tell you about ….  Read More

Road Trip Detour

Over the years, our family did a lot of travel in our Van. When you have five children, the cost to fly was beyond the resources in my piggy bank but I had the advantage of attending many eLearning conferences up and down the eastern seaboard. My employer allowed me the option to drive up ….  Read More

CAT Scan Results

Hello, my friends. Dr. Wojciech Morzycki called me this morning around 10:30 am with the results from the CAT Scan I had last Friday. The good news is that my cancer continues as limited to my liver and a few lymph nodes. It has not spread to any other organs in my chest or abdomen. ….  Read More

Reach Out to Start 2022

Here we are on New Year’s Day 2022. We celebrated Christmas with all our children, two spouses, one fincĂ©e, and one grandchild. Gathering all of them under one roof at the same time can be challenging so it is difficult to know if that will be part of the future fabric but we continue to ….  Read More

Health Update – Holiday COUNTUP

Christmas is just around the corner. I can’t remember when I’ve been so excited and we’ve had some pretty outstanding holiday seasons in the past. I guess every day I wake up feeling as healthy as I do these days is a cause for celebration. It gets better having something special to look forward to ….  Read More

Dracula Calling

Let me introduce you to my most recent hero. This is Mario Abrams. He is married to my sister’s daughter Katrina and they have two active and vibrant girls. They make their home in Halifax and have jobs that involved a lot of travel before COVID but are now very much home-bound. Throughout the years ….  Read More