End of Treatment Week 2

With the holiday at the start of the week, I had an extra day of rest and recovery. Janet asked all the children to come over for supper and play a board game on Monday. Everyone came except Meredith who had a mild flu and thought it in my best interests to keep her illness ….  Read More

Week 2 – Treatment 6

Here we go again. I’m back on the 11th floor of the Victoria Building in the Chemotherapy Clinic hanging our with Ivi. The Heritage Day Holiday was yesterday on Monday. I had an extra day of rest and recovery so I’m feeling top-shelf heading into treatment today. My weight this morning was 82 kg (181 ….  Read More

Joyful Noise in the House

On Sunday, the Drew Crew assembled for a potluck at the house. By the way, it is a holiday in Nova Scotia so I a 3-day break. I feel pretty good today and have been eating well. The four men pictured above are childhood friends of my son Drew. This photograph was taken on the ….  Read More

At My Side in Week 1

During my treatment, several new and long-time friends decided to do to be on my side by being active every day I’m in treatment, reducing their portion sizes in meals, and optionally taking a break on the weekends. For some, they hope this is the start of a road to a healthier lifestyle. For others, ….  Read More

End of Treatment Week 1

Hello my friends. I now have one week of treatment in my rear view mirror. Here’s what it looked like: Monday – I introduced you to my new friend Ivi who infused me with iron and chemo drugs. Then I headed to a radiation treatment. I started at 9:00 am and was done around 4:30. ….  Read More

Treatment Day 3

I decided to start today’s post with a brief description of how I’m feeling and then let you know about my treatment. As I write, I’m sipping on a Guinness Draught Stout. You can take that as an indication that I’m feeling top shelf (perhaps not the best way to say I feel great with ….  Read More

It Got Real Today

Meet my new friend Ivi (pronounced Ivy and stands for IntraVenus Infusion). Most people go out and connect with other people; I go out and befriend a machine. I’m not sure what that says about me but since Ivi holds my future in her hands, best to avoid taking any risk of pissing her off. ….  Read More

Going Alone You Go Faster – Going Together You Go Further

On Monday, February 10th, I start radiation treatments and chemotherapy for esophageal cancer. My treatment plan is for five weeks. Each week I have five radiation sessions and one round of chemotherapy. On the weekend, I rest and recover to start all over again in the next week. In week five, if I’m still strong ….  Read More

Ironman Gets a Diet

Today was the second of five weekly iron infusions. Last week it took about 15 minutes and was more of a test of how well I tolerated having iron infused into a vein. Today there was a much larger dose and the infusion lasted 90 minutes followed by a 30 minute flush. I made the ….  Read More

World Cancer Day

Today is designated World Cancer Day. I guess it goes without saying this has become more real to me lately. My wife Janet is a breast cancer survivor from the 1990s so we’ve been supporters for a long time. Today I got the following email from the Canadian Cancer Society. If you’d like to learn ….  Read More