I selected shirts for the family to wear when on the boat and they are embroidered with the logo. After I included one in a blog posting, I started to get requests from others who were interested in getting their own shirt. In fact 30 people asked. I was quite surprised as the cost is $50 CAN. I decided for everyone that was purchased I’d make a donation to $5 to the Great Cycle Challenge 2021. This is the third time I’ve participated and although I wasn’t able to record any distance as in the past, the generosity of family and friends helped make a significant contribution of $1,442.13.

I have asked each person who acquired a shirt to send me a picture. You can find them on this page.

Shiela Cameron – Shiela is my first cousin on my father’s side. She lives in Arnprior, Ontario and along with her older brother David, owns the family home in Pictou, Nova Scotia. She is retired and continues to volunteer in her community. She is a fan of the Ottawa Redblacks and attends games regularly.
Michael Leahy – Michael is Janet’s first cousin on her mother’s side. He is the youngest of six siblings and celebrated his 50th birthday on September 14th. The family matriarch is Helen and her children are Marianne, Carolyn, Christene, Blair (Billy), Elaine, and Michael. Michael recently learned he is on the same cancer battle and we chat from time to time. His sister Marianne gifted him the Second Wind shirt for his birthday.
Ajay Bhatnagar – Ajay and I are long-time friends. We met in 1978 as fellow students in the Computing Science program at Dalhousie University in Halifax, Nova Scotia. Ajay went on to work in Calgary, Alberta, and Moncton, New Brunswick. Today he makes his life in Calgary but travels out east regularly to visit family. We have enjoyed each other’s company for many years and find we have wonder deep and worldly conversations. We had a group of cohorts back at Dal who studied hard and played hard. I was the most senior member of the group but only by a couple of years.