There is no scientific consensus on second wind. Some scientists think it’s the result of endorphins flooding your nervous system, others think it’s a burst of oxygen that can help break down lactic acid, as well as glycogen and triglycerides muscles need to perform. Some say it’s purely psychological.

David Goggins – Can’t Hurt Me

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Welcome to my alternative WordPress Blog. The focus here is on my exploits through a variety of adventures and hobbies I pursue to enhance my life. I believe my only limitations are ones I create myself, my level of energy which I cannot control, and time. By the way. I do not plan to hang off the side of a mountain as shown in the picture to the right. I thought the image has a powerful and self-explanatory message well worth adding to this page. I do not see this activity ending up on my bucket list unless it is included with a package I pick for a Staycation and there is an elevator to the platforms. Although unlikely Janet and I will be in a comparable picture in the future but never say never.

A WordPress Blog like this location is comprised of pages and posts. The pages are items which are relatively static such as what you are reading right now. They are accessed through the menu options at the top of the screen. A blog post is an article which is where I normally chronical an episode with one of my adventures. They appear on home page under the heading and as more are added, the older ones end up pushed into an archive.

I am by no means a wealthy man but I have adequate financial resources to pursue a variety of hobbies which truly enhance my existence. It gives me joy to share my activities with others. This is not from a perspective of bragging but to encourage you to take action and push your own boundaries beyond your comfort zone.

I think it important to point out that my are most meaningful when other people are along for the ride. Human beings are social creatures and not everyone has the gumption to pursue an adventure but more than willing to be included when invited.

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