Steak in an Air Fryer

I’ve been hearing a lot of people say pretty positive stuff about Air Fryers and there was a good sale at Costco so I picked one up a few weeks ago. I considered a used one but decided a new one would provide an easy-to-return option if it didn’t work out.

My long-time good friend Randy Hoyt planned to drop in Friday afternoon around 2:00 pm (January 30, 2022). I mentioned to him I had a craving for steak and he showed up with two beautiful fresh almost mini roasts.

Into a ziplock with a wonderful rub from a steak house and a pinch of salt to trigger flavor and they’d be ready to cook in about an hour. That gave us just the right time for a little sipping of J.D.Shore.

Into the Air Fryer at 400°F for sixteen minutes with a flip halfway. The smell was so good it got my mouth watering. As a word of advice, every time you take a protein out of any cooking method, to ensure the juices infuse with the tissues, it must rest and not be cut. I understand the temptation to cut but clearly a mistake.

With the 400°F temp and sixteen-minute cooking time, mine was a perfect rare with a wonderful sear. And my knife sliced through a tender, moist, juicy, afternoon snack. Six ounces and I have at least two more meals. In fact, I started my Saturday morning with steak and a poached egg. As the yoke ran down over the steak, it looked just as good as any cooking show.

This is as good as any steak I’ve ever made and my go-to method of preparation going forward. I strongly recommend you give it a try.

4 Replies to “Steak in an Air Fryer”

  1. A great endorsement Phil, and a new idea for those wondering what to get wife/hubby/partner for the next gift occasion.

  2. Thank you Phil, I will try that one day this week. It sounds delicious! I’ll let you know how it went in comments in one of your posts.
    Keep on keeping on, this winter will be done before we know it and we can all enjoy the warm spring/summer days ahead. Sending, love, prayers to you, Janet and family. God bless

  3. Oh my.

    Phil you have certainly opened a can of worms! Randy being a carnivore extraordinaire….me not so much🙈, will undoubtedly become a regular at Chez O’Hara.

    Happy you two had a great afternoon. 🥂

    1. Every moment I’ve had with Randy has been pure joy. My life is just so full right now with all the wonderful people I’m connected with. Looking forward to seeing you. Lots of non-carnivore options at Chez O’Hara which I think means we’ve got to have a feast soon.

      Lots of Love, Phil

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