Dinner and a Show

On Friday, October 30th, 2021 Phillip LeBlanc his girlfriend Debbie White joined Janet and me for dinner and a show.

We had dinner at the Vines and Fusion restaurant on Alderney Drive and after headed across the street to see Fat Juliet a co-production of Eastern Front Theatre and Shakespeare by the Sea.

This is the first time we’ve been to Vines and Fusion. From their website, “A fine-dining restaurant based on the fusion of Italian and Indian Cuisine, carrying its legacy of authentic delicacies. Boasting of a beautiful ocean-facing patio. We have a seating capacity of more than 100 people in our restaurant, we are sure to give you an experience of brilliant hospitality. A private dining room along with a patio is available for parties & functions. Located in Dartmouth, Vines Fusion & Grill is a subsidiary of Vines Pasta Grill Restaurant Limited.”

We all had different meals and I had a chance to taste all of them. They were flavourful and delightful. I look forward to a return visit. As usual, mine was too large for me to consume. Although I don’t usually take food home as my track record is letting it go to waste is pretty high, but in this case, I’ve already had one additional meal and there is enough for a second feed.

I’ve always enjoyed this theatre space. I find the lobby to be inviting and dynamic. Every time I’m there it puts me in mind of the visit when a good friend booked it to announce his engagement. He and his fiance first appeared on the balcony and descended separate stairways to meet and join together on the main level to the delight of those in attendance.

The actual theatre space can be setup up with stadium seating or those fold back for cabaret-style seating at tables. I like the cabaret-style seating used for this performance. The entire run of the show was sold out which is a strong comment on our collective thirst for live theatre in our community. There is such a joy in being able to attend performances.

I love the work being done at Eastern Front. The mandate is to bring work from Atlantic Canadian Playwriters to the Stage. I look forward to enjoying more shows in the near future.

Kudos to EFT!

Thanks for continuing as support pillars. It is your support that gives me the strength to stay active and attend events of this nature.

Peace, Love. and Laughter

PS – And I thank God for being a constant presence in my life and providing the courage I need for this adventure with cancer.

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