Thanksgiving Plans

Roxanne and Wietse Enroute

For Thanksgiving this year, Janet and I, Meredith, Adam, Becca and Chris, Jade and Drew, and Marissa and Melanie along with our grandson Jacob are getting together in a large AirBnB in Queensland. Roxanne and Wietse are joining us from the Netherlands and as I write, just sent the picture on the right as they board their flight from Frankfurt to Montreal. I am so excited that my family will meet them and everyone will get to know each other.

It is just a short walk to the beach from the house and with the weather projected to be sunny and in the 20°C range (60°F) I can see lots of time playing in the sand. I won’t be surprised if Chris decides to go for a dip just to prove he can as the water temperature today is reported to be 16.6°C (61.8°F).

The house has five bedrooms so we should all be very comfortable. It is well equipped and there is a large fire pit in the back yard. I expect there will be lots of fires and many board games through the weekend.

I’ve made a number of comfort food dishes including Shepherd’s Pie, Lasagna, Meatballs, Corn Chowder, Maple
Butternut Squash Soup, Carrot Ginger Soup, and Irish Stew.

Today (Wednesday) will be pretty laid back for me. I’m driving a couple of friends to Seabright to pick up a boat and ferry it back to Shearwater Yacht Club first thing, then relaxing at home, recording a Podcast with Sickboys at 1:00 pm and picking up Roxanne and Wietse at the airport 3:30 pm.

We have an agenda of sorts but it is not a tight as it appears below. The weekend will be laid back and relaxing.


  • Early morning workout at Brad’s for Wietse and Phil
  • Roxanne has a work-related phone call around 9:30 am
  • Depart around 10:00 am with our first destination to pick up a Free Range Turkey at Oulton’s Meats and the home of Martock Glen Farm and Agrizoo near Windsor.
  • Visit a couple of Vineyards in the Valley to pick up some wine for the weekend.
  • Make a quick trip to Hall’s Harbour.
  • Hoping the Pumpkin People are out in Kentville.
  • Head across the province to Lunenburg for lunch.
  • Head to Queensland passing through Mahone Bay and Hubbards.
  • Settle into the AirBnB for the rest of the day.


  • Visit Peggy’s Cove in the morning.
  • Children arrive in the afternoon.


  • Meaghan is coming around 3:00 pm to do family pictures.
  • The live stream of Becky and Alexis’ wedding in Lethbridge, AB is at 5:00 pm.
  • Thanksgiving Dinner around 7:00 pm.


  • Drive Roxanne and Wietse to Halifax for a 9:30 am appointment at Praxes to get a COVID test for their Tuesday Flight home to the Netherlands.
  • Meet Bret and Matt at the Sunnyside Restaurant so they can meet Roxanne and Wietse.
  • Head back to Queensland.


  • Pack up for a 10:00 am check out and head back to Halifax.

There will be plenty of pictures and memories will be made during the weekend. You can expect a follow-up posting next week.

So this is what the O’Haras are up to this weekend. I hope you have some plans of your own and find yourself wrapped in the embrace of those who are the most meaningful people in your lives. It is truly a weekend to give thanks for all our blessings and I’ll start with expressing my gratitude to all the support pillars who continue to provide me with motivation to live life as large as I can.

And my thanks to God for being my constant companion on this journey.

Peace, Love, and Laughter

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  1. Phil – Thanksgiving has always been a special celebration for me as it also marks many important family occasions- it’s especially important this year as we CAN celebrate with family and friends again.
    I remember that your family usually gathers along with other friends you include as family – your family-by-choice. It looks to me as if this will be an extra special Thanksgiving and you couldn’t have chosen more special places to wrap your arms around your family as you enjoy this holiday. Happy Thanksgiving, my friend.

  2. Phil, if your looking for a winery (very close to Oultons)we went to the Bent Nail Vineyard, their home made stone oven pizza was awsome.

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