Day 7 – From Zandvoort to Ouddorp

May 7, 2019Zandvoort1,080.0Ouddorp1,255.0175.0 km

After a good sleep I was up and on my way at daybreak. The upside of an early start is lower winds. My route followed the coast and ran along the dykes and on occasion into more dunes. The scenery changed frequently throughout the day.

As on Monday, the route ran through a number of towns with beaches and homes right on the beach. It was too early in the season and too cold for people to be on the beaches but they were developed to be vacation destinations. It is easy to visualize these filled with people in a few months.

Two locations I found particularly inviting today were The Hague and Rotterdam. I hope to return to both these cities to explore in the future.

I noticed I was catching up with Simon Tang from Hong Kong. He is a good rider and enjoys experiencing the places and people when on an event like this race. He makes no pretense of being competitive but is committed to completion. I though I’d catch him in time to possible share the cost of a hotel night.

I found myself really in the grove today and riding well. My pace in normal conditions is around 20 km/hr and I was maintaining that speed. As day turned to night I checked and discovered I was past Simon and it looked like he had checked into a hotel for the night. I was starting into the dunes again and decided it was time to look or location to stay. I decided to make this my second hotel night and headed about 5 km off course after making a phone reservation in a nearby hotel.

It was great to check-in and have a warm shower. I also rinsed a lot of my clothing an hung them over a radiator to dry overnight.

It was wonderful to sleep in a bed.