Day 6 – From Hoorn to Zandvoort

May 6, 2019Hoorn900.0Zandvoort1,080.0180.0 km

The pessimist complains about the wind; the optimist expects it to change; the realist adjusts the sails. -William Arthur Ward

I had to start my comments about day 6 with a quote about the wind. It was my constant companion as headed north to land’s end at Den Helder. Jokingly, I could have made better progress if they’d turn off those darn fans! For a long stretch, there was a power-generating windmill every 100 meters.

I started to head south with the North Sea on my right hand. To my delight, I had a partial tail wind which allowed me to pick up my pace. The day was overcast with an occasional light shower. The temperature was cool but not as cold and raw as it had been. I passed through several vacation towns with beautify beaches and wonderful facilities. Even though well ahead of vacationing weather, there were hearty individuals surfing and sailing at the beautiful beaches.

There were long stretches of riding through the dunes. The bike trails were immaculate and a joy to ride. Personally I find the dunes to be a little on the boring side. The scenery goes though little change. A noticeable difference on this stretch of the ride was the presence of rabbits especially in the dunes. There were also occasional collections of horses. I had no idea if they were domesticated or wild but it was surprising to encounter these creatures.

I passed the 1,000 km milestone today. I was pleased with myself to have peddled this far on day 6 of my adventure. Truthfully I should have been further along but that’s easy to say in hindsight. The major lesson I learned on this ride was to go harder at the beginning; it is extremely difficult to make up the distance later in the ride.

With 180 km done, I found the bike lane was running parallel to a divided highway. About 15 meters from the bike trail, on the other side of a median filled with trees, there was a running/hiking/walking trail. Both trails were paved. The space between provided numerous places to pitch a tent and camp for the night.

Day was quickly turning to night and I decided to pick a nicely protected location to pitch my tent and bed down for the night.

Although I started the day battling a headwind, once I rounded the top of Noord Holland, I had a helpful tailwind. It was a good day.