Day Before Race

Good Breakfast with Kermit in the Background

After a good breakfast, we were out the door about 9:30 AM. Wietse took the train to Utrecht and I took Kermit with plan and omelet mim for lunch. Today I learned the Maps App on my iPhone doesn’t work as well as Google Maps. It doesn’t offer an option for a bike route (at least not one I could find) so I picked walk. As soon as I got to speed, it would auto switch to drive (as in a car) and direct me to highways where bikes are no allowed. I think this changed a 40 km ride to 50 km.

The Neude, Uttetch

Utrecht is another beautiful city with cyclists everywhere. Wietse and I had a light lunch and said our goodbyes as he headed back to his research and I headed off to De Proloog Cafe in Amerongen to check in for the race.

The bike lane beside the road is pretty typical and frequently on bot shoulders. This time I used Google Maps and arrived without incident, unless you count the road closure due to construction just blocks from the destination.

It’s Official

Into bed at 2100.