Shakedown Ride After Assembly

I got Kermit out of the case and put together this morning. There weren’t any parts left over so I’m confident all is as it should be … just kidding. I only had my portable pump so there is no way to know the tire pressure. This is a good excuse to check out Madman Bicycle and Café.

From Downtown to Madman Bicycle and Cafe

It took a while to get organized and getting Kermit down the steps proved a challenge but after some effort, I was on the road. It wasn’t really far but driving in the Amsterdam core is chaotic. Bicycles share the lane with mopeds (scooters) and the space is flooded with pedestrians. It is crazy.

I’ve been led to believe that cyclists are required to wear helmets here. I passed hundreds of people of all ages on bicycles. I didn’t see a single other rider wearing a helmet. I feel naked without my helmet. Even children aren’t wearing helmets. Surprising?

Having a coffee and cookie at Madman

With Kermit already, I rode around the outskirts if Amsterdam for an hour and started to head back. While en-route, I detoured through a park. in one area, there was a remarkable sculpture. it depicts a process from enslavement to freedow.

I thought I knew where I was going but when I got close, all the canals looked similar. I unknowing circled my destination at least three times and when I was about to contact Wietse for help, I arrived … not through any great navigation … just by luck.

Going in Circles

It was a good day.