It Is Kingsday!

Today is a day of celebration for the Royal Family in the Netherlands. Here in Amsterdam it is a massive street party. Music is blasting everywhere. People are openly drinking on the streets. Fleets of barges motor the canals filled with inebriated party goers. In spite of the frequent showers, the high spirits cannot be dampened. The sense of pure joy is infectious.

Wietse and I ventured out several times weaving through the crowds of revellers. The streets around the Royal Palace were closed to traffic and packed with rowdy women and men committed to having a great time.

Very Close to Wietse’s Appartment

The steps in the background are just half the first flight. Wietse hauled the bike case up. I pushed to help but it was mostly him!
This was not out of the ordinary.
Barges Everywhere
Just coincidence they had the same housecoats
The Front Door – Built in 1735
Wietse is the top floor with the 3 windows.
These are Wietse’s roommates the next morning. Six hours later in the afternoon, it pretty much looked the same. I’m guessing there are rooms like this filled with victims of Kingsday through the country.