Flight Day

Drew dropped me at the airport at 6:00 AM for my flight to Boston. Due to the lineups, I missed the departure by 2 minutes. From a cup half full perspective, it gave me time to have a good breakfast.

To the credit of Air Canada, they delayed the departure intentionally to give me more time. It may not have been as gratuitous as I think. If I had made the flight, it would have saved digging out my checked bag and bike case from the cargo hold.

On another cup-half-full observation, I started my day with a workout run to the gate. It is not the same as a circuit in the Cave at home but always good to get the heart going.

My flight to Boston leaves around 10:00 am so this slight hiccup won’t have any impact on my 9:00 pm departure from Boston to Amsterdam.

I wasn’t quick enough but the baggage handler just put Kermit in the cart. It was gratifying to know he arrived. With the missed flight and subsequent flight change, I see that as a recipe for lost luggage. So far not the case.

While checking in, the agent asked if I had deflated the tires and I hadn’t but figured I could before Kermit got checked … I forgot!

There is plenty of time to fill in Boston so I opened the case. Everything is right where it should be and the tires are fine. I deflated them just to be safe.

I just get the top on the case and I hear my phone ding notification of a new message. Icelandair re-booked me on a direct flight with KLM. It leaves a little earlier than my original and as a direct flight arrives at 9:15 AM in Amsterdam which is about three hours earlier. I think I’m coming out ahead of the game on this deal. The message didn’t say which terminal so I did a Google search. I appears that I need to head to Terminal A. To do soI take the elevator to level 1 and catch the #11 Shuttle from Terminal E to A. The self-checkin kiosks sends me to see an agent. The agent tells me the flight I’m on departs from Terminal E and to check-in with Air France. I decide to take the sky bridge which is a long walk with the bike case and baggage but good to get some exercise. It turned out to be further than I expected and the moving walkway was out of service. More exercise than I planned but it was okay.

I had to wait a 1/2 hour for the counter to open and even though early, I was allowed to check in. That was good news. The bike case has good wheels but it is a lot to lug around the terminal. Life continues to be good.

My good friend from Boston, David Rosenbaum, noticed my posts about my travel and he just happened to be flying in from Richmond, VA and expected to arrive about an hour before my flight. We are both craft beer fans and this seemed to be fate that our paths would cross at Logan airport. Sadly his flight was delayed so it didn’t happen but we’ll connect on my way home on May 11th.

Alexis Crossley Miller live and works in Boston. She was able to get off a little early and we got together for a terrific Italian supper. It was great to catch up. I look forward to spending time with Alexis and her husband Matt on my way home.

I am settled in seat 43B on KLM 618. In about 7 hours, we will land in Amsterdam. I hope Kermit is safely stowed below