Travel Setback

Not all plans come together. Today proved to be a prime example. I turned into a driveway too sharply and hit the curb which blew a hole in the sidewall. At 4:40 PM on a Tuesday, there is nowhere I can find to buy a tire and have it installed.

This is what my travel plans were:

  • Head out around 7:00 PM to drive to Toronto. I like driving at night when the roads are quieter. Normally I stop along the way for catnaps so I stay fresh. It is about 1,800 km on divided highways most of the way.
  • Arrive mid-afternoon Wednesday, have a nap, and head to As You Like It at Shakespeare Bash’d. My son Drew is directing this production.
  • Visit friends in Toronto on Thursday.
  • Fly form Toronto to Boston early Friday morning.
  • Fly from Boston to Amsterdam Friday evening.
  • Arrive mid-Saturday in Amsterdam which leaves a few days before the start of the race on Wednesday.

The flat tire puts a wrench in that plan. My hope is to ready to hit the road by noon Wednesday.